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total SERVICE & maintenance for your boat!

YPS wants to offer high-quality service and professionally executed installations by passionate boat people who know boats. We are where you are and we're happy to come to you! Our service car is equipped to take care of your boat. 

Electricity onboard and navigation

We at YPS can help you troubleshoot and improve the electricity on board and your navigation!

If you have problems with certain parts of the navigation equipment not always doing what it should, no problems, our expert is happy to check this and provide feedback with a solid solution. 

You can often keep your units, but at the same time investing in a new modern MFD gives the boat a real boost. 

If you do not have one of the best security systems for shipping on board yet, then this may be a good time to get AIS (Automatic Identification System). The best thing is of course to do this outside the boating season and YPS is happy to take care of this for you.

Is your VHF programmed with your MMSI number? If not, you should make sure that it is done. This is a very important safety detail, otherwise the Distress button on your device will not work as intended, as the sea rescue center will not be able to identify you and send out the right help!

We at YPS work with most brands and are happy to help make your systems on board work better!

Electricity onboard
Vi på YPS tycker såklart att elen ombord alltid ska fungera, klanderfritt och säkert! Behöver du hjälp med att få ordning på elen ombord så fixar vi det åt dig.

Everything from going through your electrical system and sorting out the common "cable salad" with associated correct fuses, to making the boat more self-sufficient with the help of solar panels and why not an upgrade to Lithium batteries.

Take the opportunity to get your electrical system in order and feel free to do the work during the winter. We are completely mobile and come to you!

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