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YPS can offer the following services. Together with our partners we can offer comprehensive solutions. Call or send us an email and we will find a solution that suits your boat.

Yach Performance Scandinavia can optimize your boat for better performance and easier handling. We can also help you understand your boat and its system better, which can be an advantage as today's boats become increasingly complex.



Raymarine instruments















We're rigging experts that can help you with all aspects of your rigging.

We can offer change of standing and running rigging, installations and repairs of your rigging.

Most of the rigging work we do with the mast standing...

We can offer solutions for electric winches, modern roller systems, deck layouts, new sails etc.

If you have problems with certain parts of the navigation equipment not always doing what it should, no problems, our expert is happy to check this and provide feedback with a solid solution. 

You can often keep your units, but at the same time investing in a new modern MFD gives the boat a real boost. 

If you do not have one of the best security systems on board yet, then this may be a good time to get AIS (Automatic Identification System). The best thing is of course to do this outside the boating season and YPS is happy to take care of this for you.

Is your VHF programmed with your MMSI number? If not, you should make sure that it is done. This is a very important safety detail, otherwise the Distress button on your device will not work as intended, as the sea rescue center will not be able to identify you and send out the right help!

We at YPS work with most brands and are happy to help make your systems on board work better!

We at YPS of course think that the electricity on board should always work, flawlessly and safely! 

Everything from going through your electrical system and sorting out the common "cable salad" with associated correct fuses, to making the boat more self-sufficient with the help of solar panels and why not an upgrade to Lithium batteries.

Water and airborne heating systems, water heaters, refrigerators etc.

Bow thruster, anchor winch, heating system, rudder, steering system, navigation etc.

Take your boat home from abroad. We have experience from international marinas and good contacts regarding transports.

YPS smart energy solutions for you!

The vast majority want a comfortable and worry-free boating life, and the availability of energy on board is an important component of this! 

Today, many people also want 230V in the sockets on board, which can be easily solved with a sufficiently large battery bank and a good inverter. 

We can offer you a range of different solutions to improve access to energy on board, all to make your boating life easier and more comfortable.

The use of smart lithium batteries as well as smart charging and monitoring components from leading manufacturers means that we at YPS can optimize the access to energy for you. Of course, you are given the opportunity to monitor your new energy system with both Bluetooth and/or Wifi.

Unlike conventional batteries, where you can only use about 50% of the capacity, an energy solution with lithium batteries can give you access to almost the entire battery's capacity. This without shortening the lifespan of the battery, which is a common problem otherwise. 

Do you have e.g. 200Ah available with normal batteries, so you can use 100Ah before it needs to be charged. A lithium battery with the same capacity gives you almost twice as much energy to use before it needs to be recharged. In addition, the charging time for a lithium battery is significantly shorter. Weight and size are smaller, which means that there are usually no problems installing in existing space on board. YPS ensures that the entire installation is carried out professionally and you will of course receive a review and support of the system so you can quickly get started.

Vi arbetar endast med välrenommerade produkter från ledande tillverkare för att säkerställa funktion och livslängd.

Beroende på vilket behov du har, samt vilken utrustning som finns ombord, så erbjuder vi skräddarsydda lösningar för dig.

Vi på YPS ger dig gärna en skiss på just din båt med kostnadsförslag/offert som du kan ta ställning till!

YPS can also install smart energy solutions  in RVs!

We have very extensive experience of commissioning of brand new boats, both mono hulls and catamarans. Can be arranged both in Europe and here in Sweden. We can also act as a consultant if you feel insecure when buying a boat.